Featured February 2021

The sad case of the Toronto Wolfpack

What happened to the Toronto Wolfpack was a travesty for rugby league.

The 2020 season proved a difficult period for every world sport. Seasons were put on hold, games played in front of empty stadiums while some codes had to deal with virus outbreaks.

The NRL came out of the year in a fairly strong position. It was one of the first sports to return from the COVID lockdown, its strict biosecurity bubble prevented any COVID infections while late season games enjoyed crowds in the tens of thousands while other codes continued to play behind closed doors.

But in the northern hemisphere, rugby league was struggling. The Super League does not enjoy the popularity of its southern hemisphere cousin and it most certainly does not have a billion dollar TV rights deal.

Hit the hardest was the Toronto Wolfpack. After gaining promotion to the Super League following the 2019 season, its record setting 2020 campaign hardly got off the ground before it was halted.

What happened to the Toronto Wolfpack was a travesty for rugby league . . .

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