The NRL is a danger to itself

3 thoughts on “The NRL is a danger to itself”

  1. What a great article ! …. It explains exactly what the problems with the game are today. The NRL seem to make changes just to justify some peoples existence. I have always said that the NRL have made it so confusing, frustrating and boring, that it can not attract new fans like it use to, nor can it keep the current ones ! There should be more changes, and they should be all starting with the administrators at the Labor Boy’s Club at the NRL and their ideological agenda’s !


  2. Great article. One change I’ve been arguing for is to change the kick off so that the scoring team kicks off and the team scored against receives. They do it in NFL. It stops one team scoring multiple tries in a row without the opposition having a set. I recall a game between South Sydney and Manly where South Sydney scored about 4 tries in a row killing the game


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