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Land of the free, home of rugby league?

America could be the launchpad rugby league needs to hit the international market.

America. Land of the free. Home of the brave. Future home of rugby league? 

The US contains the largest sporting economy in the world. The NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL pass around enough cash to fund a nation’s economy. The NFL itself is the largest sport in the world when it comes to revenue. In 2018 the league generated $16 billion in revenue, its 32 teams combined are valued at $91 billion.

31 of the league’s 32 teams are owned by billionaires/billion dollar companies. 

The American sporting landscape is seen as the world leader in how to run sport like a business. Players are bought and sold as commodities, advertising partnerships are sold at a premium and $100 million can be put towards one player.

Across the pond, when the English Premier League was created in 1992, the club owners and league hierarchy looked to the NFL to understand how they could take their competition out of what was essentially an early 20th century/late 19th century almost feudalistic system and turn it into a major world product, capable of piercing every sporting market on the planet. 

America could be the launchpad rugby league needs to hit the international market . . .

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