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5 Minutes With Ryan Morgan

Who had the worst fashion sense? Who was the messiest player in the dressing room? Ryan Morgan lifts the lid on his former Eels teammates.

Who was the most annoying teammate you roomed with?

I didn’t have too many bad roomies to be honest, but I’d probably have to say maybe Joseph Paulo. We’ve been friends for quite a long time so we do play a lot of practical jokes on each other, so he was always up to no good. He’d be filming me while I’d be doing something, trying to catch me out while I was singing to a song.

Which player was the messiest in the dressing room?

Fuifui. I feel like that’s because he just helped himself to everyone else’s stuff. Shit would just be scattered everywhere. He wasn’t so much messy with his stuff, he was just messy with everyone else’s stuff.

What was the highlight of your career?

There’s been a couple. You’ve got your debut, the game with Melbourne where I played against Parra, we got the win and probably Hindy and Luke Burt’s last game against St George at ANZ. It was an amazing atmosphere that night and it was just good to see those boys off as well.

Which teammate had the worst fashion sense?

Hindy’s got some out there stuff. He used to wear boardies with everything. It didn’t make sense, it’s only meant for the beach, definitely not with sneakers.

If you were trapped on a desert island, which 3 items would you take with you?

I’m thinking longevity, I’d take a lighter so I could start a fire, a bucket and a case of dark chocolate. Just to get me through, if I couldn’t find anything to eat or I was just feeling down I’ve got some chocolate there as well.

Which 3 people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner or home barbecue?

Tom Brady, Joe Rogan, Thomas Edison. I’d love to hear of those inventions and how he came up with theories and philosophies.

Which non-rugby league athlete do you think would be good at the sport?

I’d love to see Beauden Barrett, I reckon he’s sick. I reckon an out there one, Saquon Barkley, the New York Giants running back. I’d want to see him make just one kick return.

Who was the toughest player you played against?

Sam Burgess, he’d be up there or probably Greg Inglis. Greg was the hardest to tackle, but toughest is probably Sam Burgess.

If there was one match you could relive again, what would it be and why?

There’s no reflecting back and regretting but our semi final for St Helens against Warrington. Obviously if we win that game we go straight through to the grand final. We had such a good team that year, we won the minor premiership, very promising so it would’ve been good to see how we’d go in the grand final.

Which teammate would you have hated to play against?

Haynesy wasn’t there (when I played for Melbourne), so probably Haynesy. He just had it all, hands, feet, speed, size so he’d probably be the one I wouldn’t want to play against.

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