May 2020

NRL Stat Attack – Points Galore

Sharp shooters, ice men and record breakers, the best point scorers in rugby league.

Rugby league is one of the most entertaining sports in the world. Sure, defence wins titles, but the people want points. They want tries and they want teams that entertain.

In this month’s edition of stat attack, we’ll be looking at some of the various points records set across the game’s history. These stats include NSWRL/ARL/NRL games from 1908 onwards.

Most points in a season by a team

No surprises here that the 2001 Parramatta Eels hold this record. Across 26 matches they scored 839 points. If you factor in their three finals matches, their total climbs to 953. In today’s era of strict defensive systems it’s hard to think this mark will ever be passed.

Most points in a season by an individual

The game has had some fantastic point scorers. From Michael Cronin to Jason Taylor, Daryl Halligan, Andrew Johns, Hazem El Masri and now Cameron Smith. El “Magic” though, managed to score an impressive 342 points in the 2004 season. 

Most field goals kicked in a season

In today’s age, field goals are a fairly rare occurrence. But back before 1970, they were worth two points and used as a way to keep the score ticking over. In 1968 Eric Simms of South Sydney kicked 29 field goals with Barry Glasgow matching that mark in 1969 for Western Suburbs.

Most points in a single game by a team

The St George Dragons of 1935 hold the record, scoring an astonishing 91 points against Canterbury. Perhaps the most insane part of this stat is the half time score – 23-6. Meaning the Dragons crossed for 68 unanswered points in just 40 minutes. They scored 19 tries in total with 17 goals.

Most points in a single game by an individual

It must have been tough to be a Canterbury fan in 1935, because, to compound that St George match, Eastern Suburbs’ Dave Brown scored 45 points on his own in an 87-7 win and followed that up with 38 points in the return match a few weeks later.

Most points per game by an individual

Rugby league likes nice round numbers. It’s not really a sport for averages. But which players could be relied upon to trouble the scoresheet each match? (Cameron Smith and Jarrod Croker are not included on this list as they remain current players).

  • Michael Cronin: 9.12 PPG
  • Eric Simms: 8.93 PPG
  • Daryl Halligan: 8.84 PPG
  • Andrew Johns: 8.75 PPG
  • Graham Eadie: 8.35 PPG
  • Jason Taylor: 7.63 PPG
  • Hazem El Masri: 7.62 PPG
  • James Maloney: 7.29
  • Johnathan Thurston: 6.9 PPG
  • Luke Burt: 6.79

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