November 2021

A Dolphins NRL Team Full Of Redcliffe Juniors

How would a Dolphins NRL team look if it were made up entirely of players that have represented Redcliffe?

Much of the focus on the new Dolphins NRL team has looked at who they could recruit from the other 16 NRL clubs and the marquee signings they may be chasing.

But Redcliffe has long been a breeding ground for first grade rugby league talent since the days of Arthur Beetson. So what would a team compiled entirely of Redcliffe juniors look like?

The first criteria for this is they must have played for Redcliffe at some point in their career whether as a junior or for the Queensland cup side.

The second is they must be a currently active player, but they can be either playing overseas or in the lower grades.

If there aren’t enough first grade NRL players to fill positions, then those spots will be filled by current Queensland Cup Redcliffe players. Warriors players who played for the side in 2021 won’t be considered.

Without further ado:

  1. Josh Hoffman
  2. Jonus Pearson
  3. Kotoni Staggs
  4. Tom Opacic
  5. Dane Gagai
  6. Jayden Nikorima
  7. Daly Cherry-Evans
  8. Matt Lodge
  9. Jake Turpin
  10. Josh McGuire
  11. Preston Riki
  12. Jake Marketo
  13. Toby Rudolf
  14. Tyson Gamble
  15. Luke Capewell
  16. Lachlan Timm
  17. Nathan Watts
  18. Manaia Cherrington

It’s not a poor line up all things considered, especially with the likes of Kotoni Staggs and Daly Cherry-Evans in the backline. The forward pack could perhaps do with some more dynamic players but they’d be a good group of hard workers.

On the bench Tyson Gamble and Luke Capewell could operate as a utility or ball-playing lock, while current Dolphins players Timm and Watts would all leap at their chance in the NRL and provide plenty of punch.

You can read all about the Dolphins bid via the link below.

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