August 2021

Concussion Series: Part One

Assessing the impacts and risk of concussion and head knocks in the NRL.

This is the first part in our three part series looking at concussion, its place in professional sport, how it’s being treated and what the research currently says. Subscribe to get full access to the series over the next three months.

Concussion. You’re probably picturing what concussion is right now. Maybe it’s a player stumbling around after a head knock. Maybe a boxer laid out on the canvas. You might even be thinking of the long term damage concussion is said to have caused and is causing.

Concussion has become something of a dirty word in professional sport, particularly in rugby league.

It’s spoken about as the cause of many brain diseases or the reason for mental impairment.

Concussion isn’t new to sport, the long-term damage it can cause isn’t new either. 

But concussion and its after effects are more nuanced than has often been reported.

In this series we will be looking at the origins of concussion, its relevance and impact on sport, how it is currently being treated, what research is underway and how it could be treated and assessed in the future.

Assessing the impacts and risk of concussion and head knocks in the NRL . . .

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